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A. High Religious Court of Bengkulu

Starting the history of the High Court of Bengkulu Religion is inseparable with the history of the formation of Bengkulu. Bengkulu was formed under Law No. 9 of 1967 dated 12 September 1967, through Government Regulation No. 20 of 1968 dated July 5, 1968, as the implementing regulation of Law No. 9 of 1967, the Interior Minister inaugurated 18 November 1968 as the province of Bengkulu in Sumatra to 8, then be stipulated on November 18 as the anniversary of the Bengkulu province.

Bengkulu Bengkulu Residency originally a whose existence has existed since the Dutch colonial era, and is part of South Sumatra Province, once the capital of the Republic of Indonesia (RIS), it is based on the Law No. 10 Year 1948 on the establishment of South Sumatra Province with its first Governor Isa is located in Curup dr.Muhammad, then since the Dutch military aggression to I, Palembang Dutch re-mastered.

Bengkulu formation began in 1947, led by Prof. Dr.Hazairin, SH as a resident of Bengkulu along with Muhammad Hasan Rejang Lebong regent, until 1951 On October 16, 1963 St. Ja'cub Baktiar in his capacity as Vice Chairman of DPRD-GR North Bengkulu took the initiative to form a team known as the "Committee 9" followed on November 4, 1963 DPRD-GR Rejang Lebong provide support, November 27, 1963 DPRD-GR South Bengkulu and dated December 12, 1963 DPRD-GR Township Bengkulu everything through a plenary session to support the formation of Bengkulu. 15-21 dated December 1963 DPRD-GR meetings held throughout the residency of Bengkulu, which was unanimously supported the establishment of Bengkulu Province and dated March 15, 1964 congress held Bengkulu people demanding that the central government within sesingkatnya give status to the regional level region of Bengkulu whose territory includes Resident of Bengkulu, and on 27 November 1965 Parliament-South Sumataera GR Level I to II in the plenary session meeting unanimously adopted the 13 demands of the people of Bengkulu, finally facing charges that are so strong central government through Parliament agreed to increase the residency GR Bengkulu province into regions level I Bengkulu with Law No. : 9 of 1967 dated 12 September 1967, in succession as governor, HM Ali Amin, SH, Drs.H. Abdul Chalik, Suprapto, BA, Drs.H.A. Razie Yachya, Drs.H. Adjis Ahmad, Hasan H. Zen, SH, and H. Agusrin M. Najamudin, ST.

In Bengkulu religious court before the establishment of the Court of Appeal is the High Court jurisdiction Palembang religion established by the Minister of Religious Determination No. 58 of 1957 dated 13 November 1957, all of the authority to hear appeals under the authority of the High Court of Religion Palembang. Regional Office of the Department of Religious Bengkulu is representative of the Minister of Religious Affairs in Bengkulu is a unit coordinator of the Department of Religion existing work area. At that time the relationship with the Regional Office of the Department of Religious Courts Religious Bengkulu only limited coordination, especially on the physical development / finance, while technically religious courts under the Supreme Court and High Courts as Religious Palembang guard in front of the Supreme Court, with a long distance between Bengkulu religious court in the high Court proceedings Religion Palembang made especially at the appellate level is often a time-consuming and high cost, so the principle of justice is done with a simple, fast and low cost hard fulfilled.

As per the Law No. 7 of 1989 Article 4 (2), at the initiative of the Director of Islamic Courts (Ditbinbaperais) Dep.Agama RI, who was held by Mr. H.Zainal Abidin Abubakar, SH, Chairman of the High Religious Court Palembang (Drs.H.Syamsuhadi Ershad, SH) mengusul the establishment of the High Court of religion supported by the Governor of Bengkulu Bengkulu (Drs.HARazie Yahya) and Chairman of the Parliament Bengkulu (H.Baharuddin DJ)

In 1993 the President of the High Court proposed the establishment of Palembang Religion Religion in Bengkulu and in 1994 the Directorate of Islamic Courts Religious Affairs prepared a draft law on the establishment of the High Court of Bengkulu Religion, Palu, Kendari and Kupang and submit it to the Parliament for discussed and approved into law, then in 1995 the Parliament approved the Bill into Law No. 3 of 1995 dated 27 April 1995.

After the High Court of Bengkulu Religion formed under Law No. 3 of 1995 whose jurisdiction covers the territory of Bengkulu province which lies between 20 118 '- 400 30' South Latitude and from 1010 to 1040 BT with 19 813 km2 land area has the widest beach on the south east asia 9,000 km2, comprising of 3 districts and 1 municipality in which each district was formed Bengkulu religious court, Curup, Arga Makmur and Manna.

On December 13, 1995 after the enactment of Law No. 3 of 1995 implemented the delivery jurisdiction of the High Court Chief Religious Palembang (Drs.Mahyiddin Usman) to the Chairman of the High Religious Court of Bengkulu (Drs.H.Abdul Manan, SH, S. Ip ) as well as the inauguration of the jurisdiction of the High Court by the Director of Religious Bengkulu Islamic Courts late. Minister for Religious Affairs which was witnessed among others by the Chairman of the Young Environmental Affairs Religious Courts (Tuada Uldilag) Supreme Court (HM Yahya, SH) Governor of Bengkulu, Bengkulu Province and Chairman of the Parliament.


In the course of the period of 14 years (1995-2009) High Religious Court of Bengkulu has experienced 5 times the change of leadership, namely:

1 Prof.Dr.H.Abdul Manan, SH, S. Ip, M. Hum period 1995-1999 which is currently the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

2 Drs.H.Mahyiddin 1999-2004 Usman is currently Chairman PTA Padang

3 Drs, H. Mukhsin Asyrof Ahmad, SH, MH period 2004-2007 as the current Chairman of the PTA Pekan Baru.

4. Drs.H. Matardi E, SH, MH period 2007 - 2008 after entering a period of bhakti from the date January 1, 2009.

5. Drs.H.Wildan Suyuti M, SH, MH period April 2009 to 2012

6. Drs. H. Said Husin, SH, MH period July 2012 up to now.

Physical Pembangunann implemented since 1995/1996 begins land acquisition for the High Court office building area of 4,000 m2 Religion Bengkulu. and has carried out the construction of the building with 3 stages of development, and the last expansion and renovation of the building in 2009 of 732m2 be 1,376 m2 as well as the construction of houses Speaker post, with an area of 200 m2, the position of Vice Chairman of the residential area of 120 m2 and a height of judges to date 7 is already built housing units of type A with an area of 120 m2 and all have been occupied by other judges.

In a period of 14 years, also has completed the construction of an office building Class IA Bengkulu religious court, office buildings Religious Court Arga Makmur Class IB, office buildings Religious Court Curup Class IB and office buildings Religious Court Manna Class II, as well as the construction of the official residence of President of the Court religion Arga Makmur type B, the official residence of Chairman of the Religious Curup type B and the official residence of Chairman of the Religious Manna type B with an area of 100 m2.

In addition, an accomplishment in 2009 was also noteworthy in the history of religious courts in the province of Bengkulu, which has approved the increase in class Arga Makmur religious courts and religious courts Curup into IB classes, while the Islamic Court Manna has not been approved and will be proposed again in fiscal year 2010.

B. Class IA Bengkulu religious court

Class IA Bengkulu religious court set up under Government Regulation No. 45 Year 1957 (LN. No. 99 of 1957) on the Establishment of Religious Court / Court Syar'iah in areas outside Java and determination of the Minister of Religious Affairs Number 58 Year 1957 dated 13 November 1957 on establishment of religious courts Syar'iah in Sumatra. Bengkulu religious court jurisdiction at the time of formation is the Municipality of Bengkulu, Rejang Lebong District, South Bengkulu and District Argamakmur. Now it only includes eight (8) districts namely Ivory Cempaka, Samban Queen, Queen Supreme, Gulf Segara, Serut River, Estuary Bangkahulu, width and Kampung Melayu. While the number of urban villages in the city of Bengkulu as many as 67 villages.

Class IA Bengkulu religious court was led by the Chairman of the KH 14. Abd. Manaf (1917-1942), KH. Burhanuddin (1942-1950), KH. Abdul Muttalib (1950-1971), KH. Aminuddin Anas (1971-1977), Drs. Dada Dimyati (1977-1983), Drs. H. Djajusman MS, Sm, HK (1983-1985) as Acting. Chairman, Drs. Mochtar Zamzami (1985-1989), Drs. H. Djajusman MS, SH (1989-1995), Drs. Sya'roni (1995-1996) as the Acting Chairman, Drs. Mujtahidin, SH (1996-2000), Drs. Sudirman Cik Ani, SH (2000-2002) as the Acting Chairman, Drs. M. Syazili Mathir (2002-2004), Drs. Sudirman Cik Ani, SH (2004-2008), Drs. Edy H. Noerfuady HM, SH, MH (2008-2009), and Sulhan, SH, M. Hum (2009-2011) and Drs. Syafri Arul (2011-present).

Building Class IA Bengkulu religious court which is located at Jalan Basuki Rahmat No. 11 City of Bengkulu, has been built before the High Court of Bengkulu religious standing in 1995 during the time of Bengkulu religious court is still within the jurisdiction of the High Court of Religion Palembang. Bengkulu religious court building has undergone several improvements and development. In 2003 the Religious Court of Bengkulu got Class 1 A new multi-storey building covering an area of 530 m2. In 2007, Class IA Bengkulu religious court got storey building of 800 m2 is designated as the meeting room, work room, and hall. Completion in 2008.

C. Religious Court Curup Class 1 B

By decision of the Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia on November 14, 1960 No. 23 of 1960 stood Curup religious court which is a branch of Bengkulu religious court with religious court name / Branch Office Curup Syar'iyah Court with Jurisdiction region Regional Level II Rejang Lebong the start date of the trial activities 4 October 1961.

In 1964 the Religious Court Curup is no longer a branch of Bengkulu religious court. But standing alone with the name Curup Religious Court / Court Syar'iyah Curup Regional Level II Rejang Lebong, then the decision of the Minister of Religion 43/1966 regarding the change of name of the Provincial Agencies, Districts and Municipalities, the Religious Court / Court Syar'iyah Level II Rejang Lebong be a Religious Court / District Court Syar'iyah Curup Rejang Lebong and the decision of the Minister of Religion 6/1970 on behalf of uniformity throughout the Indonesian Religious Courts, the Religious Court / District Court Syar'iyah Curup Rejang Lebong be Curup religious courts. Curup Religious Court has been led by the Chairman, namely 7, KH. Awaludin (1961-1976), Drs.HM Zain Sahib (1976-1984), Drs.Habiburrahman (1984-1987), Drs.Ahmad Zawawi H (1987-1994), Drs.Hasanal Bashir (1994-2000), Drs. Syu'ib HM, SH (2000-2009), Drs.Aqshaa, MH (2009-2010), Hj. Kartini Musla M. Zein, S.H (2010-2012) and Drs. H. Zulkadri Ridwan, S.H (2012-present)

In 1993 PA Curup has proposed changes to the Class B into Class 1 recall the existing workload on PA PA Curup higher than any other religion in Bengkulu, but the efforts of the PA no realization that PA Curup though with a very heavy volume of work not receive sufficient financial support in connection with the position on the class II B, then in 2009 as a birthday gift Curup City Year that all 129 on 29 May 2009 PA Curup received a letter the secretary of the Supreme Court decision on the changes Curup PA class of grade II to class IB Number: 022 / SEK / SK / V / 2009 dated May 13, 2009 about an increase in the grade twelve (12) Religious courts / Supreme Shariah class II to class IB.

D. Religious Court Arga Makmur Class 1 B

Embryo of Court Arga Makmur Mukomuko originated from religious court set up by the Minister of Religious Affairs No. 195 of 1968 which among other things, establish religious courts / Syariah Court Mukomuko based in kewedanan Mukomuko. At the time of the establishment of the Islamic Court Mukomuko, North Bengkulu is still a part of the capital of the Province of South Sumatra regency / municipality Bengkulu.

Along with the development of the region, the administration of the Minister of Religious Affairs was issued No. 72 Year 1984 on Amendment Religious Decree No. 195 In 1968 the contents of Article 1 paragraph (1) number 2 states ex Kewedanan Mukomuko in Mukomuko converted into religious court Arga Makmur in Arga Makmur and in paragraph 2 (b) states that the jurisdiction of the religious / Sharia Court in Arga Makmur covering the entire sub-districts in North Bengkulu.

Since its establishment forty-one years ago, the Religious Courts Arga Makmur continues to improve its service to the community through the improvement of infrastructure building and the quality of human resources, which is the end goal is the improvement of services to people seeking justice. These efforts eventually got a positive assessment of the Supreme Court. Through Decree Secretary Supreme Court Number: 022 / SEK / SK / V / 2009 dated May 13, 2009, the Religious Courts Arga Makmur Class II officially upgraded into a Class IB class. Religious Court Arga Makmur Class IB was led by the head of the 7, H. Rasmin Jalil (1970-1979), Plt. Chairman Hamdani (1979-1981), Drs. Syahruddin Ahmad (1981-1996), Drs. M. Syu'ib (1996-1999), Drs. Sya'roni (1999-2005), Drs. Aqshaa, MH (2005-2008), Drs. Tarmizi (2008-2010), Drs. Husniadi (2010-present)

E. Religious Court Manna Class II

Based on Ministerial Decree No. 23 of 1960 Religion Religious Court Manna formed with the name of the Religious Court / Supreme Shariah Court Manna as a branch of the Religious / Shariah Court South Bengkulu Bengkulu to the area and in 1966 the Religious Court / Court of Sharia Manna increased to Religious Court / Supreme Sharia Manna ceased to be a branch of Bengkulu, on the basis of the Decree of the Minister of Religious Affairs No. 43 of 1966.

Through the state High Court Religion / Syar'iyah Provincial Court in Palembang, Manna Religious Court Office Building project gets diareal land area of 1,789 M2 inaugurated its use by the High Court Chief Religious / Shariah Court in Palembang province Drs.H Rosihan A.Rasyid Bc .HK on 03 Mei 1980/18 Jumada End H 1400 and used until January 2005.

In 2004, the Religious Courts Manna project gets Storey Office Building One unit area of 365 M2 type B worth USD 681 million, -. Then, through a religious court Manna DIPA In 2005, the Religious Courts Manna Project One gets Convention storey unit area of 450 m2 with a fund of Rp 840,000,000, -

The names that had become leader of Manna religious court since its inception until the present is as follows, KH. Hasan Park (Chairman: 1968-1977), Drs. A.Tajudin (Chairman: 1977-1985), Drs. H.Djayusman, MS, SH (Chairman: 1985-1991), HA Khaidir Ismail, SH (Chairman: 1991-1995), KH. Isaac As'ad (Vice Chairman / Executive Chairman: 1995-1996), Drs. H Arzum Ali, SH (Chairman: 1996-2003), Drs. Aqshaa, SH (Vice Chairman: 2001-2004), Drs. Edy Noerfuady HM, SH (Chairman: 2003-2004), Drs. Sya'roni (Chairman: 2004-2008), Drs. Shamsuddin (Vice Chairman / Chief Executive: 2008 -2009), Drs. H. Zulkadri Ridwan, SH (2009-2012), and Drs. Lizuardi, S.H (2012-present)

F. Religious Court Lebong Class II

Top persistence and hard work KPTA Bengkulu Drs. H. Wildfire Suyuti. M, SH, MH, and support to the establishment of the PA Regent Lebong Lebong, it gives birth to Presidential Decree No. 3 of 2011 dated February 24, 2011 on the formation of PA 16, PA Lebong and other se-Indonesia.PA Lebong along with 16 other courts by inaugurated in Labuan Bajo Chief Justice RI DR. H. Harifin A Tumpa on 16 November 2011.

At the date December 14, 2011 PA Lebong opens office in Jalan. Prince Zainul Abidin Sub District of Amen Amen wear rental status, and on January 18, 2012 PA Lebong opened the first trial of the temporary office and in the year 2012 will begin construction on the building PA Lebong Tubei.