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Insert Photo Left: Humam H. Iskandar, SH when delivering tausiah

Activities that benefit is the most well begins with Bismillah. As a Hadith which means any cases that do not begin with bismillah (in another narration by remembering Allah), then the practice of dropping out (less) blessings.

Bismillah have meaning to the name of Allah, with the help of the name of Allah or with the blessing of Allah SWT. If we read bismillah before doing something that it will produce three good things: first will be protected from evil or bad influence for involving the name of Allah we will think whether intentions and our actions are in accordance with the standards of the goodness of Allah, both with the name of Allah SWT will create the right attitude and directed towards goodness and the third will receive help and blessings from Allah SWT and protected from the temptations of satan.

The strands of meaning conveyed by the judge of the High Court Bengkulu Religion Humam H. Iskandar, SH when a show tausiyah ba'da midday prayers in congregation On Thursday 06/09/2016 coincide with Ramadan 1437 H 4 in the mosque Assya Addah High Religious Court of Bengkulu.

The event was attended by the Chairman, high court judges, structural and functional officers and employees as well as honorary High Religious Court of Bengkulu and looked Chairman and Secretary of the Religious Court Arga Makmur who happened to be in the PTA in the framework of consultation with the Chairman of High Religious Court of Bengkulu. All the pilgrims looked enthusiastically listened tausiah delivered.

Tausiah event held every Monday and Thursday during the month of Ramadan this year deliberately packaged other than in previous years so that the activities of Ramadan month is expected to be a month full of grace. Amiiin.