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Religious High Court Receives First Rank For Second Time

From KPPN Bengkulu

On Tuesday May 31, 2016, the High Court Religion invitation to attend activities Budget Implementation Evaluation and Accountability First Quarter Fiscal Year 2016 Scope of Work Areas KPPN Bengkulu. The event which was held KPPN Bengkulu was held at the Hall office KPPN Bengkulu.

What an achievement for High Religious Court of Bengkulu at the event, it turned out at the time of appreciation and recognition, Bengkulu PTA Unit was selected as the Best I Category Evaluation and Implementation of Budget Responsibility First Quarter Fiscal Year 2016 Scope of Work Areas KPPN Bengkulu. This award is the second award won PTA Bengkulu of KPPN Bengkulu because before 2015 the last PTA Bengkulu was also voted Unit Best I (DIPA 1 billion to 4 billion) Category Performance Assessment Expenditure Budget and Reporting Financial Accounting Fiscal Year 2015 Scope Work Area KPPN Bengkulu.

This award was subsequently submitted to the leadership of PTA Bengkulu Mrs. Dr. Hj. Djazimah Muqoddas, SH, M. Hum. witnessed by Deputy Chairman PTA Bengkulu Drs. H. M. Alwi Mallo, M.H., Plt. Secretary as Authorized Capital Budget Mirawati Saktiana, SH, M.H., Head of Planning and Employment as the PPK Sisli PTA Bengkulu Mr. Rudi, SH, M.H.


This is an achievement of the year - a year earlier. Alhamdulillah Bengkulu PTA has been able to improve the performance and dedication in terms of implementation and accountability of the budget. And it has been said that maintaining it is more difficult than to achieve it, but the PTA Bengkulu on the basis of a service will continue to provide the best for the nation and the state.