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In connection with the rapid changes in personal data and family on Technical Manpower Information Systems Officer Religious Courts (Application Data Backup Sikep) as a base service application instance. They are associated with it, High Religious Court of Bengkulu arrival of the Religious Courts MARI on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 for monitoring data validation and dissemination redesign Application Backup Sikep (ABS). The team is led by Mrs. Rosiah, SH as the Head of Evaluation and Reporting Section of Religious Courts MARI Mr. Dody and his staff. This activity lasted for one (1) day of 26 April 2016 for High Religious Court of Bengkulu. Where participants of this activity is Kasubbag Human Resources and Information Technology High Religious Court of Bengkulu and the Subsection Personnel Organization and Management of Religious Court sewilayah High Religious Court of Bengkulu.

This activity was officially opened by Judge High Supervisors Drs. H. Sudarmadi and accompanied by Plt. Secretary Mirawati Saktiana, SH, M.H. and the team of the Religious Courts MARI Rosiah, S.H.selaku Evaluation and Reporting Section Head of Religious Courts MARI. The opening words of Acting. Secretary of the Human Resources Information System (SIKEP) formerly Management Information System (SIMPEG) application that aims to control staffing data in the Religious Courts. And in this case we would like to thank Ms. Rosiah, SH and Mr. Dody who deign to come to the High Religious Court of Bengkulu to give guidance on the Application Backup Sikep (ABS) and all work units are expected to be asked to the sources of the constraints that occur in each work unit. Besides, he also expressed and stressed about work discipline and timely because it can not be bargained to be implemented. Proceeded with a briefing from the Regional Supervising Judge Drs. H. Sudarmadi on this occasion let all participants to ask questions and permeates utilize the information provided speakers so as to obtain the best possible result for mepengaruhi fate of friends in our labor force each mainly technical personnel and activities opened with equally say bismillahirahmanirahim.

After a briefing from Regional Supervising Judge event continued with a presentation by a team from the Religious Courts MARI led by Rosiah, S.H. She delivered socialization backup applications Sikep aims to promote and synchronize employee data technical personnel of religious courts both the center and the region in order to obtain data and information are accurate, valid and trustworthy truth data, it is necessary for their similarity / uniformity in charging data employees into the Application Backup Sikep (ABS). In his presentation, there were 14 applications derivatives that are part of the Application Backup Sikep applications including time sheets, leave a letter derivative applications and study permits, and applications print derivative Judge SK TPM.

More added he delivered today in general there are errors filling in the application SIKEP and also error categories of data transfer and promotion as well as education and training. In connection with the errors that occurred for the improvements that will come in and to the technical way of amendments he immediately along with his staff to make changes.

Exactly at 17.00 pm closed activities Head of Planning and Civil High Court Bengkulu Religion Sisli Rudi, SH, M.H. in the hope this activity can be beneficial for all the participants and he thanked the team of Badilag will MARI arrival they are needed at all. He advised to keep the spirit and improve the performance for progress institution