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Socialization Follow-up Findings Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia in the Religious and the Environment Human Resources Information System (SIKEP)

Friday, January 20, 2017 at the hall of the High Court Bengkulu Religion has conducted socialization follow up the findings of the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia in the Religious Court and Human Resources Information System (SIKEP). This activity is presented by the Secretary General of Badilag and Head of the Civil Service Bureau of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia, which was attended by the Chairman of the High Court of Religion Kendari, Vice Chairman of the High Court of Religion Palembang, judge of the High Court Religion Padang, judge of High Religious Court of Bengkulu, the Secretary of High Religious Court Padang, Palembang and Bengkulu, as well as Structural and Functional Officers, Employees / Employee High Religious Court of Bengkulu, the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Clerk, Secretary-Se Religious Court of Bengkulu province and other invitees.

In the event's Secretary General Badilag, Tukiran, SH, M.M., manyampaikan BPK findings in 2016 about the costs of the proceedings, relaas calls, non tax state revenue, financial help book, SKUM, to watch out not to be finding it again. Komdanas to be activated, the entire reception through komdanas and do not ask for and receive all of the costs beyond the applicable regulations.

The event continued with the delivery of materials by the Chief Justice's Bureau of Personnel, Agus Zainal Mutaqien. So far, we still use the promotion manual, and now we're the transition to electronic Rank Promotion Auto (KPO) through the application SIKEP, all the data needed to be completed, the data SIKEP, electronic documents, including data validation. For all its data Bengkulu region average has been 100%, only on the validation majority of the court has not perform data validation and is expected to be complete the validation of the data.

The event continued with the process of trying to enter, upload, validate and verify the data in the room SIKEP Information Technology High Religious Court of Bengkulu